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John Locke Milholland IV

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John Locke Milholland IV, Attorney at Law, PLLC maintains a Raleigh office in Wake County, North Carolina. Contact him by the following:
U.S. Mail:
P.O. Box 31501
Raleigh, NC 27622
telephone: (919)931-1513
Fax: (919)882-1821

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Locke Milholland

More about the attorney

Locke Milholland attended Campbell University School of Law. While there he also obtained his Master’s of Business Administration as part of the joint degree program.

Locke attended North Carolina State University, where he earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Natural Resources Policy and Administration from the College of Forest Resources.*

Locke uses his broad educational background to provide quality representation.

The Firm Model

There have been three main eras in business. The first is custom service. The second is mass production. The third is mass customization. Locke practices a mass customization model on an individual scale.

  • The first era, custom service, existed when goods, like suits and shoes, were provided especially made for the customer. A tailor would measure the customer’s height, waist, etc., and then sew clothes to fit.
  • The second era, mass production, arose when transportation became more efficient and factories developed. Multiple sizes of particular styles of clothing were made and people could then buy off the rack. Cars and other machinery could be produced on mass, and economies of scale provided affordable products for the masses.
  • The third era is growing, that of mass customization. It is seen most prominently in Dell computers. The customer calls to order a computer, and can customize the components to meet his or her needs. The factory then mass-produces computers customized for the individual.

Advances in technology allow Locke to operate a law firm in the third era business model. Documents are easily created and modified to fit individual client needs. Locke has technology to allow mobile access to his firm. He can accommodate work schedules of his clients without being tethered to an office. Keeping in line with the third era business model, Locke encourages clients to be active in their case and participate fully. Clients know the facts of their case better than anyone, and fully developing the facts can be the deciding factor in most cases.

* The name changed from the College of Forest Resources to the College of Natural Resources in 2000

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