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Family Law

More than just divorce

Family law cases cover a broad range of legal rights. Locke can fully represent you in your case or provide specific legal advice to help you make informed decisions.

Divorce: the actual Divorce is the most simple step in ending a marriage. Although it is rarely the end of the couple dealing witheach other, it is the end of the legal relationship. The divorce requires a simple civil filing and obtaining a judicial ruling. Due to the predictability of the amount of time and effort, Locke provides divorce representation for a flat rate, plus costs.

The main aspects to deal with when ending a marriage are, child custody, child support, support of the spouse, and division of the marital property.

Child Custody: Parents have the right to have custody of their children and and make decisions affecting their children’s health and wellbeing. It is always best for the children if the parents can agree on issues regarding the children; however, most of the time, they can not. It is important to consult an attorney to ensure your parental rights are protected. Locke charges a reasonable hourly rate for representation in child custody matters.

Child Support: Parents with custody have a right to child support from the non-custodial parent. The support amount is required to be calculated using a formula except in limited circumstances. Locke can represent you in determining whether the formula should apply, and if it does, in determining the amounts used in the formula.

Spousal Support: Suddenly being single can be hard on someone who has previously been dependant on the other spouse. North Carolina statutes allow for dependant spouses to receive support from the supporting spouse in certain circumstances. Support is classified as alimony or post separation support. Locke can represent you in a spousal support case to help determine a fair amount.

Equitable Distribution: Married couples inevitably accumulate property together. When divorcing, if the couple can not decide how to split the property, then equitable distribution is a legal action to have the court decide how property will be divided. You can benefit from having an attorney who knows how to classify the property and determine what division is fair. Locke can represent you in an equitable distribution case. Equitable distribution cases are allowed to be taken on a contingency basis. Locke has worked on a contingency basis, but typicaly charges an hourly rate.

Separation Agreements and other marital contracts: North Carolina allows married persons to enter into contracts regarding rights they have as a result of being married. These contracts are what are commonly called; separation agreements, post nuptual agreements, and prenuptual agreements. These types of agreements can often save couples from the expense and emotional drain of lengthy court battles. The binding effect of contracts on the rights of a marriage and of parents are varied and specific. Legal representation is important when entering into an agreement. Whether you need help drafting a marital agreement, or you have been presented with an agreement to sign, Locke can help make sure it reflects your understanding.

In addition to these services, Locke can represent you in other family law matters including:

Juvenile abuse, neglect, and dependancy cases (where social services seeks to protect children from perceived inadequate parenting.)

Terminating parental rights

Establishing paternity

Domestic Violence charges and protective orders

Charges for contempt of domestic court orders

And other legal issues facing families.

Take the next step by contacting Locke Milholland about your case and get that much closer to peace of mind.

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