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John Locke Milholland IV, Attorney at Law, PLLC maintains a Raleigh office in Wake County, North Carolina. Contact him by the following:
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Representation in obtaining visas, adjustments of status, and permanent residency

When you hire Locke Milholland to represent you, his main goal for you is completing the forms and applications in a timely and effective manner.

Sorting out the bureaucracy and forms involved in crossing the United States’s borders can be a daunting task. Plus, completing forms and applications is not your main goal. Your main goal is to enter the US; for work, to visit, to stay, or to leave and come back.

Everybody has a different background. Eligibility for entry to the United States will depend on the individual background. Some of the broader areas of entry are:

Employment based entry

Education based entry

Family based entry

Individual based entry

Tourist based entry

**There is no guarantee of entry for any area**

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