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John Locke Milholland IV, Attorney at Law, PLLC maintains a Raleigh office in Wake County, North Carolina. Contact him by the following:
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Personal Injury

Legal representation to help compensate persons injured from other’s acts

Much is said about people needing to take personal responsibility. Locke supports this 100%. Personal responsibility is why he represents injured persons. People need to accept responsibility for their acts that cause injury to others.

if you have been injured by someone else’s actions, you may be entitled to compensation. While money can never fully compensate for injury, pain, and suffering; reducing a claim to a dollar amount is the best way the justice system has found to compensate victims.

Locke can help you obtain compensation. He does not charge any upfront fees and is willing to offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your circumstances. Locke agrees to represent personal injury clients for a contingency fee, that is, where he accepts a percentage of the final amount recovered.

Contacting an attorney early is important. Personal injury claims have a fixed deadline. If a claim is not filed before the deadline, then the claim is lost forever. Locke invites you to contact him to discuss your case.

There are many steps in a personal injury case. Medical records are ordered and organized. Insurance companies are contacted. If the claim does not settle easily, then a lawsuit must be filed. Each party exchanges information in the discovery process. The parties attempt mediation. If they do not mediate a settlement, then the case proceeds to trial. At the end of the trial, a final judgment will be entered, hopefully in the client’s favor.

It can easily take over a year for a case to end if it goes to trial and has minimal delays. Locke always hopes to find the best result for clients without having to go to trial; however, if a trial is necessary, he is ready to represent you.

Take the next step by contacting Locke Milholland about your case and get that much closer to peace of mind.

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