• Legal Disclaimer

    Personal Injury

    Locke represents plaintiffs in select personal injury cases. If you have been injured due to the acts of someone else, you may have a legal claim for compensation or other remedies. Categories of personal injury cases include: car wrecks, injuries from negligently maintained property, civil rights violations, and other injuries caused by direct acts of others. Obtaining compensation for these injuries and wrongs involves asserting your legal rights, which can be a difficult and complicated task, especially while suffering through the injuries. Locke accepts a select number of cases in this area of law and works directly with the client to help them through to the end, whether through settlement or trial.  

    Family Law

    Emotions run high in family law matters, and issues that seem minor at first can quickly spiral out of control. It can help to obtain legal advice early on. Locke represents clients who need help asserting and protecting their legal rights involving their families. Locke accepts a select number of clients who need help with child custody, child support, spousal support, equitable distribution, juvenile abuse and neglect issues, terminations of parental rights, civil domestic violence protective orders, separation and marital agreements, obtaining divorces, and more. Locke can fully represent you on your case or provide legal advice through a consultation.

    General Civil Litigation

    Sometimes a legal dilemma doesn't fall neatly into a particular category, but still requires a trial or legal representation. Locke enjoys helping clients resolve these unique issues, even when they are merely unique to the client. Issues can involve contract disputes, environmental factors, disabilities, and some employment matters. If Locke cannot represent you on your issue, he may be able to help find someone who can.